Kid Friendly Recipes

Kid Friendly Recipes

Need some inspiration in the kitchen? Want your kids to be more
involved in mealtime? It can be difficult to find recipes that are
easy to duplicate and also safe for your children to make along
with you, but with these kid-friendly recipes, you and the whole
family will be cooking up delicious meals in no time! From after
school snacks to quick lunches while they are virtually learning,
we’ve got you covered.


Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie

A quick and healthy breakfast choice for kids of all ages (or
for yourself!) is a smoothie. You can make a smoothie almost out of
anything but a yummy option that is different from the typical
fruit mixture is an oatmeal cookie smoothie. To make it easy, just
place all the ingredients on the counter and have the kiddos use
the measuring cups, and place everything in the blender.

Ingredients: oats, pumpkin pie spice, milk or milk alternative,
vanilla yogurt, brown sugar

Kid Friendly Recipes

Snack Break

We all know the best time during the work or school day is snack
time. If you have children attending school from home, you may not
always have the same break times as they do so it’s nice to have
snack ideas that are under five minutes to make and not too messy.
A great option is apple granola snackers. Pre-slice the apple and
cover each slice with peanut butter. Then the kids can have their
fun covering the slices with granola, raisins, or cinnamon.

Ingredients: apples, your favorite type of granola, cinnamon,
peanut butter


Lunchtime comes and goes quickly so a tasty lunch that you can
premake is always nice. Especially if it is a meal that everyone in
the family can enjoy. Pinwheels can be made the night before and
can be made with different ingredients to fit each person’s
favorite flavors. Typically they are made on a tortilla with a
cream cheese spread, then topped with sandwich meat and veggies.
While making them, have your child or children pick out three
toppings each from what you already have in the fridge, place in
the tortilla, wrap them up and refrigerate. During lunch, all you
have to do is slice a couple of pinwheels and you are good to

Kid Friendly Recipes


After a long day, it can be hard to work up the energy to make a
full dinner so kabobs could be the solution. Kabobs will make
everyone happy whether they are a fan of a good steak, vegetarian,
or vegan. These are an especially great option if your family likes
to grill! Even though the kids will have to keep their distance
from the hot grill, they can still have just as much fun making the
kabobs and placing the ingredients on the sticks, and handing them
off to the cooker.

Ingredients (make it your own!): peppers, chicken, steak, onion,
sweet potatoes

Mini Lasagna Cups

Wanting something a little more hearty for the wintertime? Try
these yummy lasagna cups. Pasta dishes can be hours of preparation
and cook time, but this recipe allows for this classic Italian dish
to be served up in smaller portions. That way you don’t have to
feel guilty about throwing out tons of leftovers!

No matter the cravings, you can make mealtime the best time for
the whole family. Cooking at home and together will help you bond,
eat healthier, and save money by staying in and not eating out. For
exact measurements or more family meal ideas, visit

Kid Friendly Recipes

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